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`Let me guide you through a gentle ancient practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

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Problems are caused by memories replaying. Erase the memory and the problem disappears.

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian method of reconciliation and forgiveness used traditionally as group therapy, and developed into a self-help method by Mornnah Simeona, and more recently Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len. Being a practice I have personally found to be tremendously helpfuI in my own deepening journey I have created a practical full-colour workbook as an interactive 40 day journalling experience. For the first 20 days I guide you through the teachings and practices that I have found helpful and encouraging you to reflect and record your own thoughts. In this beautiful full-colour workbook I share personal stories and reflect on similarities I've found between the life and teachings of Jesus and Ho'oponopono philosophy. Some pages have prompts and tasks and others are left blank for note-taking. Whether you designate a 40 day stretch or dip in and out, I hope you find the process  a truly deepening and enriching experience.


Oh do get this book! It’s a workbook and I’m not yet halfway through, moving at the pace of two pages a day, but I already know this is a very worthwhile journey.

I am not new to the spiritual path and have read a lot of books, but this journal has the feeling of being INSPIRED, it is so fresh and Alive, and therefore I feel equally beneficial to anyone new to spiritual interest or those who’ve experienced certain awakenings. 

If you're tired of searching for truth with no results, tired of normative religion, here is your answer. This book shows what your looking for has been with you forever, but you missed it.

In this book you will learn to forgive yourself, love yourself, and find the joy you have been seeking. I’m thankful for meeting Jill online and finding her material.

Loved how it was written. How it made me really aware of my feelings instead of thinking how I SHOULD feel. 

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Get this book. You won't be disappointed at all.

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