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Faith Shifts

If you happen upon the tracks of religion you should follow them, not to where they are going, but from whence they have come.

Sean O'Laoire: Setting God Free:Moving Beyond the Caricature We've Created in our Own Image. 


Faith deconstruction is the process of critically examining and questioning one's beliefs, doctrines, and religious or spiritual frameworks. It involves dismantling preconceived notions and dogmas in order to reconstruct a more authentic and personally meaningful understanding of spirituality or worldview. This journey often involves grappling with doubt, uncertainty, and existential questioning, ultimately leading to a deeper, more nuanced faith or a transition to a different belief system altogether.



Self-realization is the profound journey of discovering our true essence and purpose beyond the surface layers of identity and ego. In the direct path of self-inquiry, we rest in effortless being and transcend  the illusion of separateness. This leads to an experience a profound sense of unity with all existence. In Christianity the deepening involves a surrendering of the self (or ego) to find one’s true Self in Christ - I become less that He becomes more.  This is the approach of Christian mysticism through contemplative prayer.

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I find that the more I learn about transpersonal psychology, Christian mysticism and non-duality the more my awareness and appreciation of the multi-dimensional aspect of reality is deepened and enriched.   

I use the umbrella term ‘the deepening’ to encompass everything from deconstruction, healing, and self-realisation. because it is all an expansion and an enriching of faith rather than a losing of it.  Once we become Self-Realised we can never go back to the small dualistic thinking we had before. Everything changes. But rather than mourned as a descent into atheism, this new Unity Consciousness is celebrated as a true metanoia, taking one beyond the confiines of the small mind and its programmed dualistic thinking.  As we share our stories we create our own myths, and thereby develop a personal cosmology which is the ultimate task of every individual human being.



If you, like me, want to break free from the constraints of limiting belief, yet welcome an unfoldment of personal faith mining for the treasure hidden in the field, you're in good company.  I suspect there are quite a few of us!  



If what you read here resonates and would like to speak with me I'm here to listen. I am not a trained therapist so if you feel you need professional help that is not what I can offer.



If you'd like to talk we can arrange a 1-2-1 zoom meeting. 



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