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My Reconnective Healing experience

Initially I felt heat around my head and an impression of light pressure at the top of my skull as though there was some sort of covering there with a boundary line across the middle of my forehead horizontally.  I also felt a twinge or ‘poke’ (again very lightly) on my face, at the base of my left jaw.  As I was aware of the practitioner moving around me I began to feel very subtle sensations at first, down my arms and legs, slight tingling, and occasionally a sense of pulling, like a string being gently tugged (this was mostly felt down the arm and leg of my right side).  At one point I felt the unmistakeably sensation of something sweeping or brushing against the surface of my leg, like something being swiped over it.  It didn’t necessarily feel like hands, but had a weight to it, more dense and definite than the earlier subtle sensations.  There were three of these, one at the top of my leg, the next further down, just above the knee, and the third below my knee, each time on the right side.  Later I felt what I can best describe as a sensation of raindrops down my right leg (mainly below the knee).  Although I didn’t feel any wetness, the sensation was akin to water droplets in its flow and movement, and how I perceived it.  My body felt relaxed, and indeed very heavy, as though I couldn’t move it if I tried.  It was as though the energy was holding me, supporting me and it ws all immensely gentle and relaxing and 'loving'.  As the practitioner moved around my body I felt this energy building and gaining momentum until  ultimately I had the sense of being encased in a kind of pulsating capsule, the energy was pulsating around me and it was intense and tangible.


After the session I soon noticed that an injury in my lower back felt different, noticeably by the absence of any pain on movement and the dull ache that had become normal.  I had been told by my chiropractor that I had damaged my sacro-iliac (SI) joint, and trapped a nerve.  The good news was he could treat it, the bad news – he could not cure it.  It is an area that doesn’t heal easily due to lack of soft tissue, he explained, and therefore will probably continue to be an area of weakness from now on for the rest of my life.  


He must have been surprised when I cancelled my final pre-scheduled appointment with because I simply had no need of it.  The cure he couldn't guarantee had somehow happened spontaneously.  I had no sensation of pain from the trapped nerve anymore. The all-too-familiar dull ache at the base of my spine upon flexing just wasn't there anymore.   


The Reconnective Healing session I describe above was in 2015.  I can happily say I have had no further symptoms whatsoever, not even the ghost of an ache!  It is as though the injury never happened.  


I'd attended seven appointments with my chiropractor in total. The adjustments he made reduced the pain considerably.  However, by his own admission he could only treat and not cure.  I'm so glad I made that appointment for Reconnective Healing.  I did so out of curiosity to experience the frequencies, and oddly finding a cure for this injury didn't enter my mind.  When I think about the cost of ongoing chiropractic treatments I consider my Reconnective Healing session money well spent!




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