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Crow Love

You can tell a fledgling by its shorter tail, according to my husband who bought one home at the weekend. There’s a little wooded enclave at the bottom of our lane where the cawing of crows and white-peppered ground marks out the territory as Crowland. While walking the dog Noel found a crow with a damaged wing. Fearful that it might get attacked by cats if left on the path he brought it home. Watching the gentle way he tended to it, and the ease with which the bird settled in his hand was a little parable in itself. During my faith deconstruction, I often wondered about the disparity between rhetoric of the Father’s love, and the inexcusable psychopathic behaviour of the Old Testament God. It occurred to me that if I could find human love that outstretched God’s love, my idea of God must be flawed. The origin must always precede and out-resource the manifestation. And so by reflecting on this I was able to cast off the God of religion with as much ease as an old cardigan that was full of holes and no longer fit. Finding human warmth, compassion and gentleness was the key component of my shifting faith from thereon and continues to inform my understanding of Divine #embodiment. How about you? What in your life has brought you into a revelation of Higher Love?

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