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The Ground of All Being

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Most of the time I go around doing my thing, living out life from the limited perspective I call ‘I’...

I use the term ‘myself’ to refer to the individual unit of consciousness that I understand the ‘I’ to be...

In this model, everyone is separate, each with their own independent mind. Thoughts, feelings, attitudes, experiences all become our personal collateral. They belong to me and no-one else.

I’m entitled to my own opinion, I say.

I know my own mind.

This way of speaking reflects the Newtonian material model of science which asserts the primacy of matter. Hence consciousness is somehow a bi-product of neural activity in the brain. But nobody quite knows how, or can fully explain ‘the hard problem.

There is an alternative - a consciousness first model that scientists are increasingly paying attention to. A theory that gives credence to what Socrates and other philosophers have know for centuries.

This ‘consciousness first’ model says there is something in all of us that exists prior to our thoughts and feelings. The ‘I’ of awareness is always there, before and behind them. It lies at the heart of all our experience and it is something that we all share.

Verily I say unto you... there is no me and you, there is only the ‘I’ of awareness...

And this awareness is the ground of all Being that we share.

The above is an amended excerpt from 'My Forgiveness Journal - 40 Days of Ho'oponopono'. If this spoke to you and you want to learn more you may want to consider a deepening journey using my book, available on Amazon here.

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